Building a better Sheffield for Autistic people

The Sheffield Autism Partnership Network (SAPN) is a network of organisations from the voluntary, social enterprises, public, private and statutory sectors who work with and for Autistic people, as well as Autistic individuals and their support systems (parents, carers, friends, partners, etc.)

We share a vision and passion for a Sheffield where Autistic people can thrive.

Who is in the network?

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What support is out there?

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A note on language:

We have made the decision to use ‘Autistic person/people’ when describing anyone who has had a diagnosis which falls on the Autism spectrum, so as to include every person who needs services under the same umbrella, promote equitable access and ensure that services are consistent and homogenous.

At SAPN, we are aware that language is a fluid and ever-changing entity, and that the words people use to describe themselves are integral to their identities. Whilst we will be using ‘Autistic person/people’ when speaking generically, we fundamentally respect people’s right to name and claim their own identity, and urge all of our network members to do the same.