Meet the Team

Katie (she/they)

Network Development Lead and Project Manager for VAS' Adult Autism Project

I am a late-diagnosed Autistic person, diagnosed in 2022 at 27 years old. My experiences as a femme-presenting, assigned female at birth (AFAB) Autistic and ADHD person, as well as being physically disabled, have driven many of my passions around improving awareness of Autism and access to appropriate services in marginalised communities - whether that’s in terms of gender identity and expression, sexuality, race, ethnicity or other disabilities.

As chair of SAPN, my job is to connect organisations with opportunities to collaborate with one another and with statutory services, connect them to funding streams, ensure their voices are heard in strategic spaces and empower them to provide the best support possible within their communities. I also host the monthly network meetings, giving organisations a space to meet with eachother, share their current work and get feedback and support.

Guidance Members

Our network guidance members use their experiences, skills and knowledge to help steer our work and hold us accountable to our purpose and priorities.